Skincare for good

How we’re supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses.

One of the key motivators for creating Urban Active Naturals was to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to continue and preserve their different languages and culture so they remain alive and active for generations to come.

To ensure that we were supporting in a meaningful way, we asked Indigenous women what they thought was needed and how we could support them through Urban Active Naturals.

They told us that by building the capacity of female-led Aboriginal businesses in the native Australian botanicals industry, we would be supporting the community to pass on cultural knowledge and languages to the younger generation as part of their everyday working life.

That’s why every sale of an Urban Active Naturals product helps fund businesses run by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples within the native botanicals industry. Currently, less than 2% of the native Australian botanicals industry is Indigenous owned. Our goal at Urban Active Naturals is to help increase that number.

By continuously infusing money into the supply chain, we help empower and grow Indigenous-owned businesses and ensure their continued presence in the industry.

We source our native ingredients from Indigenous growers as much as possible to support employment opportunities and donate $2 from every sale to help businesses purchase equipment or invest in skills training.

This way, we directly support the Indigenous peoples who hold the knowledge of the native ingredients we champion in our products.